About Us


How Did We Get Our Name?

A question frequently received and a story we love to tell.  Today this name just seems to suit our customer...playful, active and smart!  The name originated from a long ago visit to Cumberland Island when the idea of owning a retail business on the Island was something we discussed on long weekends away from our busy lives in Atlanta.  We were staying at the Greyfield Inn for a much needed break on a cool spring weekend in 2000.  While walking the property, we found a beautiful old oak tree  with a limb just the right size for us to ease ourselves out over the water.   We sat on this limb for hours discussing the possibility of leaving our comfortable lives in Atlanta to pursue our dream of living near the water and raising our children in a small town.  As the sun set lower in the sky, a couple of beautiful otters swam through the winding tidal creek towards us.  We became quiet and still, knowing they would disappear quickly if they sensed our presence.  Otters are smart and playful but in the wild they are quite skittish and wary of humans.  These cool creatures swam right underneath our dangling feet and continued on with their hunt for dinner.  

Years later, as we endlessly discussed possible names for our new venture, we recalled the story of the otters at the Greyfield.  I suggested the Grey Otter or the Blue Otter but my husband Ben suggested Red Otter as the name.  The Red Otter?  Red?  He shared his thoughts on it being a strong marketing color and the signature color of the Georgia Bulldogs, his alma mater, as the basis of his idea.  It struck a cord and we have been the Red Otter since that day.